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Full Version: Register Fail - Cisco Unified Communications Manager
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I am trying to get the Yealink W52P to work with CUCM 10.5 by setting it up as a 3rd Party SIP phone but keep getting Register fail.

Has anyone here had any luck with getting this to work and if so have you got a quick How-to?

We are trying to avoid getting the Cisco wireless phones due to price and was hoping to get the Yealinks working as I have used them successfully with other systems.
Is the account register fail? Or the handset can't register the base?
Please tell me more detail info.
Register Fail is on the Account Tab. Handset registers to the base fine.

I was hoping someone that has already done it might have a How-To as I am obviously doing something wrong.
This first solution outlines one of the most common problems when introducing new devices to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment. Typically, this occurs with pre-used phones who retained the information of the previous CUCM
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