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Full Version: Ring Group missed calls
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Hey guys,
So i had a customer ask this and i think i know the answer but want to see if anyone has any thoughts.
The customer has a ring group with 2 phones (A and B).
If A answers the incoming call to the ring group B will show a missed call. Aside from disabling the Missed Call Log is there any way to prevent the phone from showing a missed call to a Ring Group?
The phones are T46Gs system is 3CX V12sp3.

Thank you!
This is a good one. Hopefully with 3cx and Yealink partnership things like this will be resolved. Maybe an option in the Call Log to decide what is shown...

I would still like to see missed calls if neither of the extensions pick it up - but that might be asking a bit much.
The way i was thinking it would work is if a RingGroup is called and you pre-pend the ring group name Example "RG:CallerID". If yealink had a call log option that could say exclude from record any caller ID that starts with RG:

Just a idea.
Hi all, thanks to your opinions. I will shared your opinions with our product department. Smile
Thank you Support.

I would need this on your "semi-defunct" T38 as well as T46's for use with 3cx.

Thank you.
We need also this option for our T38 phones! It is very important for us, now people call customers back. And the customers tell them they have already spoken someone in the office. That's not a good thing.
I think there are several ways to accomplish this. As indicated above, the most obvious way to do this is at the VoIP service provider level, but you could also:
a) add a third option to enable / disable list called something like database and then point each phone to a mySQL database where the phones add entries when calls come in and read the list when asked to display the phone list. Then everyone is reading from the same list.
b) make it so that one phone in the Ring Group is the "master". Each of the other phones in the ring group update the "missed call log" on that phone.

The advantages of the two options mentioned above is that these solutions are VoIP provider agnostic.
Just wanted to point out that we have a bunch of T2Xs phones running on Asterisk that do NOT have this problem. Asterisk generates a "Reason text: Call completed elsewhere" header in the SIP Cancel message, and the phones see this and properly ignore adding the call to the missed call list.

The issue our customers have is that when this happens, the call never shows up in any call list (in theory it should still get added as an incoming call in the "all calls" list, just not a missed call). Anyway that's a separate issue. Key point is that the firmware should already support what you want, it's more a question of whether 3CX implements it (maybe there's just an option in 3CX to turn it on/off?)
I have tested the steps with 3CX in my side. It seems that the 3CX doesn't have Group DPickup code.
So we can't pick up a group call.
you can set BLF monitor the phone in the same group. For example,
1.set BLF in A phone to monitor B, you can set value=B number, extension=*20*.
2.A and B are in a group which group number is 8000.
3.C call group 8000, then A and B all will ring.
4.Press the blf button, then you can pickup the group call.

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