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Full Version: T41p and YHS32 voice Quality
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Dear support,

We have several T41p's with yhs32 headsets.
At factory defaults the headsets works perfect, manualy configured to 3CX.
After provisioning by 3CX-server, the voice quality for the reciever is to loud, it seems that the microphone is to sensitive.
The caller hears hisself back trough the headset speaker. The reciever gets a booming ear. Sad

We have checked all setting with 3CX support, but all settings are good. In factory defaults there is a strange value in "headset_send =-32768".
The only good values wich can be input in the provisioning template are between 1 and 53.

Is this a bug in the Phone?

greets Remko
Hi Remko Schenk,
Sorry. The values wich can be input in the provisioning template should be between -200 and 30.

Can you try again?
Dear SUpport,
we have tested with this new values.
The test value is now -199 and the volume is now better, but unfortunately the sound is more machinery, not as clear as with the handset.

Any idea?
1. Please test with other headset again.
2. Please plug the handset to the headset port and test again.
Hi support,

We have tested now with several headsets, all to loud.
With the Yealink headset we have set the value "headset_send = -190"
in my opinion this is a stainge value, serious working with all Yealink products.
the volume is better, but the difference between the volume of the handset and headset is to big.
the headset seems to loud.
I think there is an other problem, in factory defaults the volume is as perfect as the handset. After provisioning its to loud, even loud with the "headset_send = -190".

Can you test over there? I realy like to hear the results.

greets Remko

Hi support,
In order to get a solution we have attached 2 config files taken directly downloaded from the phones.

T41p-FactoryDF-manual_to_3CX.bin is taken from the T41p wich is factory reset and after that manualy programmed to the 3CX server.

T41p-3CX_provisioning.bin is taken from the T41p wich is factory reset and after that provisioned from the 3CX server.

Can you see the difference and tell me what to do?

greets Remko
Hi Support,

Is there an update for this issue?
My customer is waiting for the solution and is losing his patience.
or is there an other way to contact Yealink support?

greets Remko
Hi Remko Schenkļ¼Œ

Please set the headset send volume as below syntax.
voice.headset_send = 10
I test above data and headset volume is suitable. Can you have a test?
Dear support,

This is the solution, it works now perfect.

I'm trying this on a T41 and it doesn't appear to accept the value via a provisioning template. If I manually edit the vmp.cfg in the config.bin and reupload it to the phone, it works, but if I try to change it in the template, it doesn't. The config always shows headset_send = 29 even though my parameter has it at 8.

I did notice that the provided by Yealink says
### Only T28P/T26P/T22P/T20P Models support the three parameters
voice.handfree_send =
voice.handset_send =
voice.headset_send =
(this note isn't in thge 3CX Template)

Does that mean that it won't work on a T41?
Hi wyztech,

Yes. Those settings don't apply to the latest firmware of T41P.

You can ask "Remko Schenk" for the firmware.
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