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Full Version: T2xP - Blind Transfer On Hook - What does it do?
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Hi team,

I want the ability to transfer an incoming call using the TRAN key like this:

TRAN -> Extension -> Hangup

When I do this, the call stays on hold at the phone. If I do TRAN -> Extension -> TRAN, the call is transfered.

With "Blind Transfer On Hook", I was under the impression that I could just hangup after the extension so the call can be transfered but that does not work ...

So what is the purpose of this option?

I am using version and I am connected to a Freeswitch PBX.

BTW, if I set the phone to do semi-attended transfer and I set the Semi Attend Transfer On Hook, the semi attended transfer kicks in.

Hi braymond,

I test with version and TRAN -> Extension -> Hangup can work well.
Can you upgrade your T2X to the latest version and test again?
No, upgrading to did not make it to work.

But since it works on your side, I guess it could just be a configuration thing so I am attaching a zip file that contains few files:

config of my T28P (config_t28p.bin)
PCAP when I tried TRAN->Ext->Hangup (tran_ext_onhook.pcap)
Syslog during that tine (syslog_tran_ext_onhook.tar)

As well as files when I did the TRAN->Ext->TRAN just for reference:

Thanks for your support!
Hi Benoit ,

Thanks to your files. I have submitted your issue to our researcher.
If any update, i will contact with you again.
Hi Yealink support,

Do you have an idea of when your researcher will have an answer? If the behavior works for you, then I would assume it should be an easy thing like a configuration not properly set?

Hi Benoit,

My colleague finds that when you press transfer+number and stops too much time to let it automatically call out, so it will hold the first call.
Please note that when you press transfer+number, stop no more than 4 seconds for auto dial-out, and hook up, then it should work well.
Well, of course if you let the auto dialout kicks in, the call will leave the phone which is just the same thing as pressing the TRAN key again to force it being transfered.

So then my initial question about "what does Blind Transfer On Hook do" is still in order. If I am in a Transfer condition (TRAN + Number) and I hang up while this feature is enabled, the phone should initiate the call, no?

Hi braymond´╝î

Blind transfer scenario:
1. A calls to B, B pick up the call
2. Then A press Transfer+C
3. Then A hung up, then the call between A and B will end
4. Meanwhile server will send an INVITE message to C
5. C pick up the call, the call between B and C is connected.
Hi Support,

Here is some more info about the problem.

I have DialNow patterns set and the timeout delay for dialnow is set to one second since I want the number to be dialed as soon as it is found in the dialnow.

When I do the TRAN+number, by the time I hang up the dialnow has quicked in and the call is initiated (thus an INVITE is sent by the phone). So when I hang up, I actually cancel the call (the phone does not recognize that it is a call being transfered).

If I set the dialnow timeout to a higher value (like 4 seconds) and do TRAN+number and hangup before the 4 seconds, the call is transfered.

The logic of the phone should be smarter and recognize that we are in a transfer therefore either the hangup or the dialnow timeout should trigger the transfer.

Make sense?

Yes. But the logic should be good enough to deal with this scenario. We will try to pursuit. Smile
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