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Full Version: Call from the call history
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I found a problem with the T23P (firmware version44.80.14.2), when i try to call a number from an missed call in call history.
When I make calls from the history of missed calls, the number is displayed <number>@<someip>@<some address> and get a busy signal.
I tried to reset the phone to factory settings and through the correct configuration autoprovision:
"features.redial_via_local_sip_server.enable = 1", this doesn't solve it for T23P.
How to solve this problem?
Please contact with for help.
If you don't satified with the IPM service, please email to for help.
My colleague Elaine will help you direcyly.
And please tell Elaine why you don't satified with the IPM sevice.
I am contacting with Request sent to the headquarters.
I have same problem. I didn't get the solution for this.
I also had the same problem.
Support again recommended string "features.redial_via_local_sip_server.enable = 1" in the configuration file, it does not solve the key problems for the T23P?
OK - so I discovered a couple of things. 1 you must be on firmware v80 or higher.

Then I added these 2 things to the XML

custom.features.redial_via_local_sip_server.enable = 1
features.redial_via_local_sip_server.enable = 1

for us - that solved the problem. The settings only apply in v80 or above.
Support has sent a new firmware, which solved the problem

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