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Full Version: T28 BLF park not working correctly
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We are using T28s with a hosted 3CX PBX solution.
We are having a problem where the BLFs we have set for parking are not accurate,
for example, when a call comes in and you park the call, the button turns red and will show red on all phones in the office(which is correct), when the call is picked up by a user the light will remain red instead of turning green as it should as the call is no longer parked . to change the park light back to green you have to press the key a second time and then hangup.
What we also found was the lights were not consistent across all phone in the office, eg. DSS key 1 could be red on some phones yet green on others.
Users are complaining that they do not really know weather the parking slot is free or not
Parking the call looks to be fine(the light always goes red) the issue looks to be when the call is picked up

We went back to our PBX provider and they were not particularly helpful they just blamed it on a internal network issue.
So i connected three phones to an internet line not connect to our network and carried out tests. the results were the sames as what we were seeing on our network, i did the same test on another internet line from another provider just in case, and it too had the same results.
So it leads me to thinks that there is something else causing this other than an internal network issue

What i also found was that if i picked up the the parked call using the 3cx softphone instead of the yealink it worked the lights would revert back to green on all phones,

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Do you use the BLF to momitor the park code?
Please check the steps below, if I misunderstand your mention, please let me know.
1. A(001) call to B(002), B(002) pick up the call and B(002) park the A(001) to server with using the park code(123).
2. C(003) monitor the 123
Is it right? If not, please tell me the correct steps, so I can know clearly about this problem.

BTW, please tell me some info below.
1. How many phones do you have?
2. What firmware of your phones?
Thanks Karl for coming back to me ,

Yes that is fairly much it

A calls B , B picks up the call and places it in park by pressing one of five the DSS memory key set to call park . the light changes to Red . C want to pick A so picks it up by press the red lit DSS key. the light on the DSS key should then turn Green as the call is no longer in Park but in most cases it stays red . to get it to go back to green you have to press the button again, when you hang up it will then go back to green.

company wide we would have 600 phone
and the firmware on them is

Thanks again for your help
1. Would you please help us to get the PCAP and config.bin and syslog files from the A and B and C.
We can check something from them. You can get more info from the FAQ:

2. Can you help me the take a video of the problem. So we can know more clearly about the problem.

3. Is there any test account? So we can test here, it can help us to solve the issue more quickly.

4. Please note that our office will be closed from 4th, Feb. 2016 to 14th, Feb, 2016 due to CNY holidays.
So I think we have to help you with this problem after holiday. Please send the files we need to my email(
I will go on follow this problem.

5. Would you please tell me more business info, so I can push our R&D to do an analyze after holiday.
As you can see, it will be many problem after holiday, so it can help me the push the R&D.
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