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Full Version: XML Browser while Call active
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Hey there,

is there any possibility to access the XML Browser while a call is active?

Thank you
(01-24-2014 04:08 PM)FSchulz Wrote: [ -> ]Hey there,

is there any possibility to access the XML Browser while a call is active?

Thank you
Hi FSchulz´╝î

Yes. I test this feature in T46G with Can you tell me the model and version of phone?
We have a DSSKey type as Xml Browser, and you can press this key when you in a call.
Hi, sorry for my late reply.

My Phone is an T22P. How do i define the softkeys while calling?


And another question about the XML Browser:

Is there a possibility to close the XML Browser via SoftKey? The exit command just returns to the last page and if there is none it closes the browser.

Thanks again Smile
Hi FSchulz,

1. Sorry. You can configure a xml browser in line key but not softkey.
2. I think you can see a "more " softkey when you enter xml browser and you can choose it , then you can choose "exit" softkey to exit the xml browser.
Hi again,

the exit softkey isn't that much an exit but a back button. If my Application leads to another xml page the browser is returning to the previous xml page instead of exiting the browser. Therefore I'd like to know if there is any possibility to prevent that action?

Thank you

Hi FSchulz,

I attach an input.xml example for you.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

        displayMode = "normal"  
        defaultIndex="2" >
    <Title wrap="yes">In this interface, we will set your information on the phone!</Title>
    <Prompt>Server IP:</Prompt>
    <InputField type="IP" password="no" editable="no">
        <Prompt>IP Address:</Prompt>
    <InputField type="empty">
    <InputField type="string" password="no" editable="yes">
    <InputField type="string" password="yes" editable="yes">
    <InputField type="number" password="no" editable="yes">
        <Prompt>ID number:</Prompt>
    <InputField type="timeUS" password="no" editable="yes">

So, just another question here Smile

Is it possible to POST the data instead of making a GET request?

It isnt that good that a phone pin is transerfed in a GET URL Sad
Hello ?! Smile
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