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Full Version: T48G Hide dial pad option
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If you set a key to type Prefix and want to use it as "Prefix + DSS" it is very annoying because the DSS keys go away and the Dial Pad comes up. It would be nice to have the ability to disable that behaviour. There is already a usable keypad on the phone, instead of a second redundant keypad on the screen, leave the DSS keys.

thanks for you information

but this design is more flexible for customers who just need Prefix feature and need to input the number manually

for Prefix + Speed dial, you can also press the DSS Key and the right corner , it is also convenient !

see picture below :



I still think an option would be better. If you are trying to make full use of the DSS keys then having to press DSS to get back to the DSS Screen os another step. If you want to Enter the number manually then there is already a keypad you can use.

Perhaps a better solution would be an option allow us to lock the screen to the extended DSS view.
Yes, I also have a request for this from my co-workers. It would be nice if the dial pad on the screen could be hidden.
yes please!
thanks for your information

it is useful for us to optimize our phone , i have collect this request and will submit to product team for evaluation .

please focus on our website for the new firmware release note to confirm this request !


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