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Full Version: T19 & T2x second dial tone
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Hi All,

1) does T19 or T2x support second dial tone with the dial plan? e.g. (9,x.)
2) also, does them provide individual time out setting? e.g. ([1-3]xx), when the dial fit to this pattern will dial immediately without to wait till time out

Hi Alan,

About the dial plan, please refer to below user guide from page 32.
Thanks for your reply, i do read the menu, but i cant find any about the second dial tone.
Our users get used to hear a dial tone after they had pressed 9 before key in any digits else.
Is it possible to provide a second dial tone with the T19P or T20P?

what if you hit 9 then send.
then you get a dial tone.
then dial your end number.
Hi Craigreilly,

Thanks for your reply.
sure that is one of the solutions.
Our case is we are planning to replace the aged pabx which used for >20yrs. I am thinking about how to let our users kept their behavior. Dial without press the "send" or "#" key etc.
This can be done by setting the parameter "features.redial_tone = X"

where X is the number they use to dial out (commonly 9).

In the GUI this is under Features -> Audio -> Redial Tone.
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