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Full Version: T23G Multiple SIP accounts on Multiple SIP Servers
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I am not able to join the T23G phone to two different sip servers.
My first account is active and working. I have created a second account to a FreePBX box and I am watching asterisk with -rvvv and I do not even see an attempt to register with PBX.

More information.
If I disable first account, the 2nd account will register. Only one SIP server at a time?
You are trying to register two different extensions (accounts) in the phone right?..
-have you tried to delete the extension 2 from the pbx and create it again, and see what happen?..
-enter in CLI-> sip set debug 'the extension that is not registering' or sip set debug ip 'The IP address in the phone' / to see more details.
note: to debug disable just... sip set debug off.
Share with us any result.

I am attempting to register two different extensions to two different SIP servers.
Server 1 extension 21174 to
Server 2 extension 21174 to
Both extensions register if they are the only account enabled, they just dont work at the same time.
We are at the beginning stage of changing phone systems and in our plan we require our sip phones to straddle two phone systems for a period of time.
My hope that the yealink phones would have this ability, I have done this / still doing this on a Grandstream phone.
I am simultaneously trying to work through this issue with yealink through there helpdesk.
So, after some more troubleshooting I have some further info on this issue, and I believe I have discovered a bug.

It seems the issue is related to the fact that accounts on both phone systems share the same username (extension). Just to clarify, I have 2 phone systems with separate IP's that I am configuring in Account 1 and Account 2 on the Yealink T23G. If the "User Name" field in the Account setup is the same (21174 in my example above), the phone does not even try to register the second account (confirmed via asterisk -rvvv) and the phone states "Registration Failed". I can register to either SIP server one at a time (by Disabling Account 1 or Account 2). Or I can register to both SIP servers at the same time provided they have different entries in the "user name" field.

Hope that makes sense. Would really appreciate any assistance on this.

hi Patrick

shall we troubleshoot this issue through our ticket system , you just need to reply to the email that our system send to you , then we will receive it and follow up .

in this way , we can solve this issue faster Smile


I've noticed this bug too.
It will work if both accounts have the same password though !
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