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Full Version: Remote phonebook generation tool not working
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I am trying to use the remote phonebook generation tool from:

But for the life of me, whenever I try to run a macro, I get a "you don't have permissions to run this file".

Could you provide a version of this document, that doesn't return this error?
Here is the guide of the tool, please refer to the guide and test again.
If it still can't work, suggest that you can change other PC and test again.


I had this error too when i first tried it. I resolved the issue by removing a gpo i had on my computer preventing me from creating anything on my C:\ drive. Program was called CryptoPrevent.
Now, the problem i got, is that the macro module got some asian character in it's name. Therefore giving me an error when I try to run it.
run the file with administrator rights
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