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Full Version: T28P + EHS36 + Plantronics C054A
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Hello Yealink Forums!

I recently purchased a Plantronics C054A headset to use with my Yealink T28P phone. I have run into some problem related to the automated pickup of the handset using headset buttons.

I was told to purchase a Yealink EHS36 unit to use as the handset lifter and set this up as the instructions showed.

The answer/hang-up button on the headset is still not working as required and if anyone has any kind of help/guidance it would be greatly appreciatedHeart.

Please make sure that your EHS36 runs the latest version

Please refer to below upgrade guide.

I am coming across the exact same issue with a Plantronics C054A headset but with a Yealink T46 phone. It is connected with a EHS36, but it cannot pickup the handset, would it be possible to post the relevant link to fix this on a T46 phone?

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