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Full Version: T21P E2 OpenVPN: After replacing the VPN Config it will not connect.
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This phone was working perfectly for two days connected to OpenVPN running on my PFSense firewall.

I created a new client certificate for this phone on PFSense, then exported the config, and then uploaded the VPN config to the phone, after rebooting the phone did not connect to VPN.

I decided to factory reset the phone, then re-uploaded the new VPN config, then the phone rebooted and got connected to VPN, and then I was able to register the extension.

If the phone is reset/power cycle it will not connect to VPN, unless I factory reset it and re-upload the VPN config.

Firmware version: T21P_E2-

Syslog verbose 6 is attached.

Please advise.

Thank you!



I managed to resolved this issue, I would call this a bug.

It is reproducible if the Secondary Server (NTP) under Settings ---> Date and Time is blank.

Please refer to the attached screenshot and syslog-2 (Verbose 3).

Thank you.

thanks for your information

would you please kindly upload the .tar file and server.ovpn file to us for double check

as you have configured the NTP server by yourself , so , we just wonder if the time display on the phone is beyond the validity time marked on the certificates

you can also check on your side , just double click the certificates and find the detailed information !

I just emailed you the tar file.

Where is the server.ovpn located in PFSense 2.2.x?

- With the default Time & Date settings after factory reset: Date displayed on the phone was 1/1/2016 --> VPN connected

- With only Primary Server (local NTP Serve) and Secondary Server (BLANK): 1/1/2016 --> no VPN connection.

- With the Primary Server (local NTP Server) and Secondary Server (any public Public NTP Server) : current date and time of the PFSense and other network devices on my LAN --> VPN connected

I was able to reproduce this issue several times until I figured out the "workaround" mentioned above.

thanks for your reply , but it seems that we didn't received your email , so would you please kindly send it to our 24 hours work email so that we can follow up in time!


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