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Full Version: T21P E2 OpenVPN: Registration Failed
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Hi guys,

This T21P E2 (Firmware Version: is currently connected to my PFSense via OpenVPN, but it won't register to my Asterisk (FreePBX).

I have done a couple of power cycles on the phone, it always gets connected to OpenVPN (it shows VPN on its LCD), but keeps showing this on its webif:

Account1 3000@ : Register Failed

Using the same OpenVPN profile on my iPhone I am able to register that extension.

The guide I followed to setup OpenVPN for the Yealink phones is attached.

The System Log Level 6 is attached.

The T28 Yealink SIP Handsets PFSense OpenVPN client export profile is attached.

Thank you!
From the syslog file, the phone send the register to the server but the sever never repspone any message.
I will put this issue to our R&D to do an analyze.
Normally, I will give your respond next week.

And here is the latest guide about VPN, you can check again.
Thank you Karl for your prompt support.

I managed to resolved the issue by enabling the following check box on the OpenVPN Server tab on PFSense:

Allow connected clients to retain their connections if their IP address changes.

The T201 E2 registered like a charm after that change.

Refer to the PFSense Screenshot.png attached.
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