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Full Version: Auto Provision Weekly
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I am trying to use Auto Provision Weekly but it doesn't works.
I switched off all rest Provisions ( Power On, Repeatedly) and have managed from web UI Weekly ON, Time for ex.: 00:01 - 23:59 with time format Hour 24, Day of Week - all marked).
Nothing happens.
SIPT21P E2 phone updates only after Autoprovision Now button pressing, that means that y000000000052.cfg file is correct.
I want to manage common file for mass provisioning at off peak time.

please enable the Repeatedly option and try again and make sure the Day of Week option is configured correctly

It works with Repeatedly option, but at any time without taking into account Day of Week management.
I have tested with Interval(Minutes) 5 and phone downloaded from tftp server new cfg file even during not allowed time according Day of Week.
I need to allow provisioning only at specific time and ensure that provisioning will not impact user activity. Not whole day.

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