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Full Version: voicemail message delivery system
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I have searched the web and forum and have yet to find a solution.

I have the yealink t20p sip enterprise phone system. We make many calls a day, and often get a voicemail on the callers side. I am wondering if there is a way to program a outbound pre-recorded message and have it programmed to a hotkey?

One thought i had was, to transfer the call to an extension created only for the extension greeting to be as the outbound message for the receivers voicemail.

Happy to clarify if anyone has questions, any help is appreciated.


do you mean that you want to record a greeting message to your outbound callers when their call is transfer to your voice mail ?

if yes, then i am sorry that it is not the phone side configuration , you need to connect your sip server provider for help to finish it


jwcsi, I think Michael misunderstood your question. I had to read it a few times to understand what you were asking.

This would require the integration with a PBX. I use 3cx. You could transfer to a Digital Receptionist that plays a message and hangs up when done. I think this might work for your need.
Thank You, That is exactly what I was thinking. Sorry for the confusing wording of original post.
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