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Full Version: Pickup BLF T38G
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I configure some memory key as a BLF key.
All works fine exept the pickup.

I configure a group pickup in the a programable key and it works fine.

Info of the phone:
  • Firmware Version
  • Hardware Version

Config of memory key:
value: 103 (its the extension)
Account: Account1 (its here is my extensions configured)

Account --> Advanced

Direct Call Pickup Code : *8
Group Call Pickup Code: *8

In the traces I can see that when I press the BLF pickup the phone, the phone adds at front of ext *8
But if I press only the group pickup, no.

This are the traces in both cases:

[2015-12-21 13:43:18] NOTICE[4015][C-00001721]: chan_sip.c:25627 handle_request_invite: Call from '101' to extension '*8102' rejected because extension not found in context 'from-internal'.

[2015-12-21 13:43:23] NOTICE[22686]: features.c:7891 ast_pickup_call: pickup SIP/102-00002b80 attempt by SIP/101-00002b81

Could someone help me?
Suggest that you can add the *8 in the value and test again.
(12-22-2015 05:12 AM)Yealink_Karl Wrote: [ -> ]Suggest that you can add the *8 in the value and test again.


I can't add anything in value because otherwise the BLF LED is not lit and therefore not working..
I tried adding * 8 in the extension field but neither doesn't work the pickup. It has the same behavior.

Thank you
The group pickup need to be supported in server side.
Normally, you need to fill the pickup code in value but not detail number.
You can contact with your server provider to check whether they can support the group pickup.

Sugget that you use the Direct pickup.
You can create a dialplan replace rule via Phone-> Dial Plan-> Replace Rule.

For the DSSkeys, set value as the extension number, and set Extension as "*8"

For Number, set value "*8."
For Replace, set value "*8"
Hit Add, and Save.

This will allow the phone to strip any numbers dialed after the pickup command, thereby sending only the pickup command to the PBX.

Hope this helps!
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