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Full Version: Auto provisioning language and firmware
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I want to use auto provisioning to upload a language file and a firmware file for the 42g and 46g. I have set up a tftp server. I have the following questions:
* If I only want to change language and firmware file do I need to let all the other parameters in the cfg file empty? (for example: wallpaper_upload.url =)
* Where can I find an example cfg file and english language file (because I need to translate this to dutch)? I use firmware (t42g) and (t46g)

Thanks a lot

1. for the auto provision , you can delete all other parameters ,just keep the lang and firmware sentence like below :

firmware.url =
gui_lang.url =
wui_lang.url = is advise to use the newest firmware x.80.0.70, you can find the English file attached


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