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Full Version: Multiple Line Registration
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Phone server: Asterisk 11
Phone model: T46G
Firmware version: T46-

I have several phones looking to my provisioning server. They download their config files and each phone tries to register 6 lines. For whatever reason, only some of the lines get registered. For example, on one phone 5 lines will register and show green, while one of the lines shows yellow and does not register. On another phone, all 6 lines will register fine. On yet another phone, 4 of the 6 lines will register.

I have experienced this in the past (on an older firmware version). My fix was to factor reset the phone, then re-download my config file. Usually that got all lines to register properly, but not in this case.

The phones shipped with an older firmware version, but I upgraded it. I didn't try the registrations before the upgrade. Once they booted & pulled their configs on the new firmware, the registration issue revealed itself. Doing the factory reset cleared the config, while maintaining the new firmware version; however, as mentioned above, re-provisioning the phone did not fix the issue.

Why are certain lines able to register and not others? Is this a firmware version problem? If so, should I go back to a previous firmware version?

Thank you in advance.
1. Would you please tell me what method do you use for download the config files? Auto provisoin? PRS?
2. Would you please send us the config files, we can check whether the configuration is correct.
3. What previous version do you use?
4. Please help us to get a pcap trace/ level 6 syslog/ config.bin file. We can check something from them.
Please set the syslog level to 6->reboot the phone(necessary)->click the start->repeat the issue->click the stop->export the PCAP->export the syslog file->export the configuration file.
You can get more info from: 
1) I'm using http to download the config files directly from my own provisioning server.
2) I'll PM the config files to you.
3) I'm not 100% sure what firmware version the phones originally had on them when they shipped to me, but I believe they were version I just figured that since this is a new install, I'd upgrade them to the latest version.
4) I'm heading to the client right now and should have the trace file to you within an hour or two. I'll PM it as well.
I don't find the files from you.
It's better you can email to me.(

Thank you.
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