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Full Version: Recovery Files
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Dear users/moderators,

I have some problems with my W52P. I can't upgrade to another firmware.
Now I would like to use the recovery mode, but I need the reovery files

I tried to dowload them from with user yealinkftp and password yealinkftp, but it doesn't work. Could anyone help me to the correct login credentials of recovery files?

I will send the files to you via private message.
I am also trying to download recovery files to fix W52P base station that does not respond. All lights stay solid if you try to factory reset with base station button press and power on. Please can you assist me.
I am in need of the W5X.rfs and W5X.bin. I have the file renamed to W52P.rom. Thanks for your help.

Same here. I need files for w52p recovery.

Thanks in advance.
(12-09-2015 11:07 PM)Karl Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

I will send the files to you via private message.

Hi, Karl! Could you send to me these recovery files please?
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