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Full Version: Please remove the booting chime
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Please remove the chime noise the phone makes when it is powering on.
In a conference room filled with people if the phone is not plugged in it is very annoying having that loud chime go off....

Also when doing a demo with a room full of people and you are firing up the demo equipment having the chime is not good.


thanks for your information

for this request, the music can't be removed for the present , but we have submit it to our product department for evaluation


Please Remove this useless sound.
Another vote for either removing the sound or having an option in config to disable it.

Clients look at use very strangely when a 20 second sound plays quite loudly on the phone...
Sounds like someone is over attached to this "feature". Yeah pretty annoying. We have switched to another speakerphone vendor for this reason. If the sound volume was cut it half it would be fine.

Its fine in the conference room. But its annoying for my lab, so no.

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