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Full Version: No Matched Lines
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The wireless W52P phones are no longer able to receive any incoming calls via the main base phone, the SIP-T48G. We have been using the wireless phones as extensions for the desktop phone. Handset firmware number is: and the Hardware number is:

When I go to check on the line status, the message of 'No Matched Line' occurs.

What does this mean and how can this problem be fixed so that the wireless phones can make outgoing calls and receive calls via the SIP-T48G as an extension?

please upgrade the base to the newest firmware we released first , firmware download link :

please remember to rest the phone to factory and then re-register to test again

if all handsets are using the same account , then please make sure the account is register successfully and then configured like below


How am I able to successfully register my account?

I want to link the W52P phones as ext. 102 for a T48G model we are currently using.

Would I simply use the same registration information from the T48G for the W52P in order to link both models to the same account?
@Hannah Jang:

That depends on your SIP server/PBX. E.g. with Asterisk that would not be possible (except with version 13 and the new PJSIP SIP stack).
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