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Full Version: Wishlist Item** Background before call on VC equipment
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There is no wishlist for the video phones so will just post it here.

On the VC400/VC120 it would be awesome if you could set a background. A background on the HDMI/TV screen for before you start a call. Just a nice little added feature if a customer could have a nice big logo showing on the TV screen before the call starts.

thanks for your information

as for Video conference , it will show local video in idle interface , then it is strange to show a big Logo on the screen , don't you think so ?

so may i know that why you need this feature ?


In my opinion, be able to enter a logo could be a good feature but not the same way @tsukraw want it.
I think using logo when : booting the VCS and when the camera is off or when AA in multiconference is activated with camera/micro off could be a really good feature !

Don't you think so ?
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