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Full Version: Record Button doesn't work with FreePBX
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I would like to get the record button to work with my FreePBX system. Using Yealink T23G.
Yealink sends a SIP notify of Record: ON, but FreePBX is no longer accepting that.
Could you get this patched?

Below is what the developers of FreePBX say about this:

The SIP Notify of 'Record: on' requires that the feature code is called 'automon', and we no longer use that (we use our own, smarter, recording monitor, and the name 'automon' is the old one)

Normally, there are 2 main methods to trigger a recording on a certain server. We call them record and URL record. Record is for the IP phone to send the server a SIP INFO message containing a specific header. URL record is for the IP phone to send the server an HTTP GET message containing a specific URL. The server processes these messages and decides to start or stop a recording.

You can contact with FreePBX to check what method do they use? Yealink phone only support the two method above.
FreePBX uses the SIP INFO message.
Unfortunately they have made a simple name change for the recording feature and now it is not working anymore.

They say it is a third party issue and I should talk to Yealink about that. I hope you can fix that.

Please help us to get the pcap and syslog file for us, we can check something from them.
You can get more info from the link:

BTW, would you please contact with your server provider to ask for the change log and pcap from the normally phone.
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