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Full Version: Phone lock by button/application
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It will be very usefull (at least for us) to be able to protect by a password some buttons or applications.

For example, the call log (History) should be protected as well as the "local contacts" list.

We need it for phone that are used by sensitive person (like big boss) or close to a public area.



thanks for your information

Yealink phone can support phone lock feature which you required , web page path :

Features -> Phone Lock

you can set
Phone Lock Type
Phone Unlock PIN(0~15 Digit)
Phone Lock Time Out(0~3600s)

screen shot show as below :



Thanks for your answer.

>> Yealink phone can support phone lock feature which you required.

Sorry, but this is not what I require!
I did test it and it is not very convenient.

The three Phone Lock choices are:

1) All keys
You can only dial emergency numbers.
My comment: This when the user is not there.

2) Function key
You can only dial, you can not even do a Gpickup at all!
My comment: It is to restrictive for normal user

3) Menu key
My comment: could be that one but the REDIAL key is outside of the menu and it does not protect Directory application

None of them permit to use the phone a friendly way and at the same time to protect sensitive informations (contacts and history).

Please add to whishlist to change it.


Since nobody answered, is it possible to know if there is hope that this will be in the wishlist?

thanks for your suggestion , we have collect this and will submit to our PD for evaluation

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