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Full Version: Local directory and number with international code
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In my local dictionary all my telephone numbers have the international code in front of it. For example the german code +49.
One entry is for example: John Rambo +4917401020304
If John calls me, I can only see the number which is shown without the international code: 017401020304 and not the name. Only if I remove all the international codes in the dictionary the name is shown, too. Normaly every other telephone and mobile phone shows the name independent of with or without the international code. Is that not possible with Yealink phones? I use T48G and W52P.

may i know that why you need this feature?

as + will not used while calling out , so it is normal to use 00 or 0 instead


It is quite common to have address books synchronized in Mobile Phone, Outlook and 3CX. In such a case numbers should be saved in international format with a + prefix.
At present when a 3CX client tries to call a number with international prefix, the "+" is simply stripped off and therefore the number can not be dialled properly.

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