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Full Version: T48G not re-registering with server automatically
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I am using a T48G running the latest firmware ( but when changing the "Server Expires" value to something smaller than 3600 (default) it doesn't make any difference. The phone re-registers after 3600 seconds based on my SIP providers expiration time, not the shorter value I specifed on the T48G.

I have the Bria softphone app on my iPhone which I sometimes use in-place of the T48G. When exiting this app, it results in the SIP number being unavailable. I want to make my T48G re-register after 180 seconds so calls can start going to the phone shortly after exiting the Bria app. However, due to the "Server Expires" value not working - I have to wait anywhere up to 3600 seconds for my provider to renew expiration unless I manually restart the phone.

My SIP provider definitely allows 180 second re-register values (this has been tested using Bria), just doesn't seem to work on the T48G.

Is this a bug? I have been experimenting for a few hours, but can't seem to get it working.

Can you set syslog to level 6 and reboot phone.
Then reproudce the issue and send syslog to us.

Thanks James. Have done this and sent you a PM with the log file.

00:26:57 changed syslog on T48G from level 3 to level 6, saved config
00:27:46 set expires value on T48G to 180, saved config
00:27:54 logged out of web interface
00:28:01 opened bria on iphone (successfully registers)
00:28:32 called my voip number, bria starts ringing on iphone
00:29:09 closed bria on iphone
00:29:22 called my voip number, engaged
00:32:34 called my voip number, engaged
00:36:05 called my voip number, engaged
00:36:36 logged into T48G web interface
00:36:42 re-saved T48G config to force registration
00:36:53 called my voip number, T48G starts ringing
I sent the log files on 29th November. Did you receive them?
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