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Full Version: One base station - 3 phones - inbound calls intermittently do not ring phones
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Inbound calls randomly do not ring certain phones. In no specific order.
One time this phones rings.... the next time it doesn't.

Can anyone tell me which firmware fixes this problem?
For both the base station and the phones.
I see a bunch of firmware versions available for download but there's no order, no release date and no description on the Yealink web site.
Please upgrade the base to, upgrade the handset to
You can download the firmware from the link:
The link will be invaid after 30 days.
@ steven.Jung

Could that maybe related to the problem described in this thread:
"W52P - 1 of 3 handsets replies as busy, but it is not busy "
Thanks for the helpful replies. I'll check it out.
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