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Full Version: DNS SRV BUGS
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We have discovered a bug in Yealinks latest firmware on the below phones

Modes that do not work
T19, T21, T22, T26, T28
T46, W52P

Models that do work
T48, T27, T29, T23, T32

We run a hosted Cluster PBX and set the phones to use DNS SRV records to locate the PBX to connect.

Tests Completed
1. Factory Reset a phone and manually put in the username, Password, Domain and set the host port to 0. Set the Transport type to option 3 and this works on all phones.

2. If you enter the same values via auto provision and only provision the min required fields. The Phone fails to register.

Yet now it fails.

Can you please let us know the firmware of T46G and T48G?
To DNS fucntion, there should not be a difference in the two model.


I did phone UK Support yesterday and was going to get back to me.

If you let me know your email address james, i can send you a logfile/
Our specific guys will follow a case from UK area.
To the issue I think you can try upgrading phone to V80 firmware, we just release V80 firmware for UK distributor. You can get it from them.

is this for the T46?

if this resolves the issue. would you also release an update to all other phones with this problem?
There are only V80 firmware for T46/T48/T23/T27/T29.

To the issue in other model, please directly contact our UK distributor. They will handle this case.
ok thanks
The V80 firmware fixed the T46 Phone, still leaves the other phones not on v80 firmware that need fixing.
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