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Full Version: Both T32G's are bricked
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We are use the End Point Manager in FreePBX to manage our test phone and recently updated it. As part of that update, it downloaded firmware.

The two test phone successfully downloaded the firmware, and then displayed a screen that says:

Initializing... Please Wait

We've been waiting for almost 24 hours. I've tried power cycling one phone with no luck, it just shows the above screen.

These phones seem to be bricked. How can I get them back to an operational state?
Hi dwoods,

Can you tell me the SN and MAC of your T32G?
Do your T32Gs work well before upgrade?
Yes, both were working fine, much better than the two T46G's that we have been evaluating.

They are:



I still have two bricked phones. Is there any way that I can get them working again or do I need to return them?
Hi dwoods,

Do you test about recovery mode? Can't they work again?
I was finally able to find some documentation on using recovery mode (Thanks google), and I was finally able to find the bootroms on your ftp site (again thanks google). The phone have successfully been unbricked (thanks yealink, although actual documentation that recovery mode even exists and how to use it would have been nice).
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