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Full Version: W52P Mulitcast Paging
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We implement multicast paging using T28P and T46G phones and would like to deploy W52P handsets, however I do not see in the auto provisioning guide how to configure multicast paging for the DECT phone. Does the W52P support multicast paging?
Hi fdtcloud´╝î

Sorry. W52P don't support this feature now.
I added a feature request for W52 to include listing for Multicast paging.
Any update on getting multicast paging on the W52...
Is this feature in the works at all? It's essential, especially when the other Yealink phones do support it. Where do I add my vote?
I agree - Multicast Paging is a must-have feature for many of my clients. I field questions about the W52P phone and Mulicast Paging all the time in cases where the client has an all-Yealink environment, and only the W52P's can't receive the pages.
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