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Full Version: Search in Remote Phone Book
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We use T38G phones and we want to search in the Remote Phone Book. In our configuration file we have the following line:

super_search.url =

Favorite_setting.xml contains the following data:

<item id_name="localdirectory" display_name="Local Directory" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="history" display_name="History" priority="2" enable="0" />
<item id_name="networkcalllog" display_name="Network CallLog" priority="3" enable="0" />
<item id_name="remotedirectory" display_name="Remote Phone Book" priority="4" enable="0" />
<item id_name="ldap" display_name="LDAP" priority="5" enable="0" />
<item id_name="broadsoftdirectory" display_name="Broadsoft Directory" priority="6" enable="0" />

When we touch a button in the Remote Phone Book we get the message: 'The URL is empty!'

How can we solve this problem? It's really important to search in the Remote Phone Book (it contains many records)
Hi SL2013,

Sorry. T3X don't support this feature which only support in version 71.
Do you know anything about the release data of version 71 for the T3X?
Hi SL2013,

Sorry. We won't release V71 for T32G and T38G any more. But we can fix bugs and add some features in the V70.
What is the reason? It's a big problem for us. We bought many phone last months (all this type).
(01-02-2014 05:11 PM)SL2013 Wrote: [ -> ]What is the reason? It's a big problem for us. We bought many phone last months (all this type).

Hi, did you get already a reply on this topic? As we deal with the same problem.

Thx a lot!
These were provided to me by R&D. They add Remote Phonebook Search (not sure if it is super search, no documentation provided) and a secondary SIP Server for those who have a backup PBX. I take no responsibility for the firmware contained within and have not had the time to fully test. I do have it loaded on 1 phone and the user has not responded negatively.
Be careful with this firmware, as I lost the 'SIP server' settings on my accounts. It seems account.x.sip_server_host is being ignored by this firmware, or the parameter changed.

Anyway, it has 'some kind of' Remote Phone Book search. But the way it is implemented makes no sense, because it only accepts numbers to be typed by default.
So you then have to delete the number(s) you typed to enter the search mode, then press 'abc' to switch over to letters and restart typing the search query.
They should have enabled to 'abc' search entry be default and that would have been perfect. The way it is now, it hardly useable in the real world.

Good to see they are working on Remote Phone Book seach though, as I have been waiting for this option. I hope they fix these issues and I will be a happy admin.
About the sip server setting, plese refer to V71 auto provisioning template of T2X.
Yealink T2XP AutoProvisioning Template_V71
I agree search is unusable...
As far as sip server missing... I would expect this since they added a secondary server... I haven't looked at the v71 doc from support yet.
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