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Full Version: Registering with FritzBox 6490
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I'm trying to register the W52P to my Fritzbox 6490.
Unfortunately, I does not work Dodgy

Setting from Fritzbox
User: 620

On the webinterface of the W52P I tried it with
User: 620
Using 620 also for Display name, account name.
As SIP Server 1 I entered:

Setting I also tried, are:
- using IP instead of DNS name for SIP server
- using 620 also as registrar name (as mentioned in another thread here dealing with another fritzbox version)
- using 621 instead of 620 (also as mentioned in other thread)
- creating and using 621 user on fritz box
- and various combinations of it...

I also updated the firmware of the W52P and did all tests again, but still it didn't work!

Has anybody expirenced the same problem? Or got it to work on this fritz box version? Or any other advices?


thanks for your information

there are many reasons that may caused a register failed, so would you please kindly send the detailed trace file to us so that we can know and solve this issue better .

trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , and we need three of them provide at one time.

for how to get them , please refer to the FAQ below:

after you collect all of them , please send them and the detail description of the issue to this email is 24 hours work , then we will follow up quickly .

let me know if any question



At few threads before this was a similar question regarding a Fritzbox registration, including screenshots.
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