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Full Version: 2 handsets and 1 number
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I have 2 handsets at the same location with only 1 phone number. I have shut off the call waiting on both of them.

Is there a way to make the phones act like 1 - when one is busy it does not ring the other phone but goes to another phone number (or extension at a different location).

All help is appreciated!!


may i know that you are using two different phone or a W52P with one base and two handset ?

for this situation ,there are two solution for you :

1. configure the sip server forward feature , when the server side notice that one number is busy ,then it will forward the new incoming call to another number , for this , please connect your sip server provider for help

2. enable the Busy forward feature on Yealink phone , when the phone is busy , then the new incoming call will be forwarded to the target number that you configured , forward feature can configured through the web page and LCD :

web page path : Features -> Forward & DND -> Busy forward

LCD path : Menu -> Features -> Call Forward -> Busy forward


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