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Full Version: Mounting W52 base unit outdoors.
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Hi, I need to provide coverage to a LARGE area. I have the W52 base unit installed an an IP55 rated waterproof enclosure, with cat5 POE going to it.
I will be installing this on a small pole on side of a building.

Has anyone else installed these base units outdoors in such a way?
I know the unit "should" stay dry in the enclosure.

Pics of waterproof enclosure above.
hi Paul

thanks for your sharing

normally , the base of W52P can also mount to the wall with the two holes at the back of it , just keep it stay dry in the enclosure, we did't provide a waterproof enclosure like yours.


Installing base unit in an IP55 rated enclosure was a great success.
Coverage across entire building and gardens.
Used a couple of repeaters to boost coverage where it was a little weaker.

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