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Full Version: Keeps rebooting
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I now have one of the W52 hand sets that just keeps rebooting after 15 minutes or so being connected to the base..
It losers the base connection after about 15 minutes then just stars rebooting. even in the charging cradle, i have tried to re-flash the hand set but it reboots every few seconds so that not possible.
Hi Charliestott,

Can you tell me the current firmware of W52P?
Can you upgrade the firmware to the latest one in below link?
Please kindly test and feed back to me.
I am having the same problem. It started happening after I updated to the latest firmware.

I have one phone working and two other phones which won't work because they keep rebooting continuously. In my situation I am using a couple Yealink RT10 DECT Repeaters too.

I'm using this firmware: ( Handset Firmware ) ( Base Firmware )
Hi danielsnider,

I noticed that you have sent a email to our support mail box. My colleague James has replied you.
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