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Full Version: Automatic global reset?
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Hi there,

We are working on software for an appliance that allows us to plug phones into it, just before shipping these phones to customers, so that they are in a known pre-configured state. We do this using the autoprovisioning mechanism, and it's working pretty well for us so far.

When a customer returns a phone to us, we might want to reconfigure it for a new customer. However, in order to safely do this, I would like to be able to reset all configuration options to their "empty" (or factory default) values to ensure that no information from the previous customer sticks around in the configuration. These settings might be business-sensitive or they could cause problems if they've customised things like proxy servers, different passwords and so on.

As the provisioning documentation says, fields can be reset to factory defaults by setting the field value to !NULL! or %NULL%. However, there are over a thousand available configuration options (if you include all the numbered accounts and so on), and I would not like to list all of them exhaustively in my application (and risk missing some, too!). Is there a way to completely reset a phone to factory defaults automatically? Preferably via the mac-specific or generic configuration file or through a DHCP option, but any other option that can be completely automated would be acceptable as well.

If that's not possible, is there a fool-proof hardware way of resetting the phones? I know the phone can be reset to factory defaults by pressing and holding the "OK" button, but I also saw that there's an option in the configuration that allows you to disable this.
There is no a fool-proof hardware way to resetting phone. And it can't be resetted through DHCP/Mac-configuration. These may cause a security issue.
I think there won't be too much phone retruned?

Hi James,

I didn't see your reply until now, sorry about that.

How would the MAC config reset cause a security issue? Like I said you can already explicitly set each individual value to the factory defaults via !NULL! or %NULL%, so a full reset would be equivalent to enumerating them all, which is currently possible.

I'm not sure yet how many phones will be returned, but it is a valid scenario.
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