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Full Version: VLAN in the VP-2009
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I want to distinguish the voice VLAN and VLAN the data, whether vp-2009 can distinguish the voice VLAN and VLAN Data?
I use the firmware

thanks for your information

as VP2009 is an old model of Yealink product , and i have confirm that it can't support Voice VLAN and date VLAN separated .

you can use another video model T49, which can support it . T49 will be released soon , for more information , please focus Yealink official website


I also had the similar question. Thanks for asking. I also got it clear from the reply.Thank you
For Supporting VLAN, VP2009 makes the security of Internet by blocking unnecessary traffic or may be attacks from your own VLAN service . The latest update of the new firmware V30, VP-2009P includes more efficient features such as a web browser, VLAN QoS and AES etc.Yealink VP-2009 is Manual Online,Phone Tab. The value Enabled indicates that the VLAN function is enabled.Custom essay writing service ( ) provides you all the detailed information about this topic and you will get in the understandable form.
According to my research “Voice" VLAN describe the router, it is use to forward this VLAN information onto a Cisco IP Phone by using the CDP protocol to inform the phone while VLAN to use for its internal phone switch port traffic to be sent on, across the Dot1Q trunk. Like Halloween promo codes May be there is something confusing but the whole details I found through some searching
Michael, please help, my VP-2009 no boot, i probe many files uimage and filesys by TFTP, but FIRMWARE UPGRADE FAILED, is posible you send by email the files correct, thanks
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