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Full Version: How to Autoprovision Remote Phonebook in Asterik/Bicom
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Is there a way to autoprovision the Remote Phonebook option in the directory?

We have tried pasting the XML values in all of the autoprovision templates with no luck.

Huh Angry

Thank you.


Thanks for your information.

For your problem,please follow the below steps:

1、Eidt the XML file,ensure your template is correct,please refer to the below:





2、add the xml file to the server side

3、edit the cfg file,the sentence like below:

replace "x" with the account you want to set up!

for mor information,please refer to the Auto provisioning guide,you can download the guide from below link:

Hi Chris,

Was not aware Bicom supported this! but yes its possible as we do it on our hosted PBX which is not Bicom but our own Asterisk Multi-Tentant.
I just deployed a provisioned phonebook for a customer today on our PBXWare (Bicom) system.

Create your contact.xml file according to Klaus' instructions. Upload it to the /opt/pbxware/pw/tftp directory on the Bicom server (or whatever directory your tftp server is pointing to)

In your Yealink UAD add this line: = t


But of course, if you listened to the training you had from them. TFTP service is disabled by default on your pbx. Check your settings.
We just check the box for Directory in OSC under the tenant settings for PBXWare multi-tenant version. Don't need to do anything with the UAD


If you use the autoprovision, the only thing you need to do for the remote directory is from the attached image.
[Image: rvZJX3V.jpg]
Have you verified your XML is setup for the remote phone book? It differs from the local phone book. I think posting your phone book (cleaned of sensitive info) along with the provisioning line would help troubleshoot.
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