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Full Version: Yealink w52p outgoing call: The called person can't hear the caller
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I am using the yealink w52p with a freePBX (Asterisk 13.1) installation and Endpointmanager. The workaround with ",,t" at the end of a dial command is set. There is no switching from simple_bridge to native_rdp.

When a call comes in to the w52p everyting is ok.
The called person (intern) can hear the caller (extern).
The caller (extern) can hear the called person (intern).

When I make a call with the w52p there is the following situation
The caller does not have a ring tone at the handset, but the external phone is ringing. When the called person takes the call:
The called person (extern) can hear the caller (intern).
The caller (intern) can not hear the called person (extern).

For checking the freePBX setting I tried to use a X-lite Softphone at the same extension, the w52p is normally bound to.
With this softphone everything is OK.

When a call goes out:
The called person (intern) can hear the caller (extern).
The caller (extern) can hear the called person (intern).

When a call comes in:
The called person (extern) can hear the caller (intern).
The caller (intern) can hear the called person (extern).

Please can anybody help me?

Best regards

Sven Hebeisen

thanks for your detailed description

to solve this issue, please refer to the steps below :

1.check if the base and handset of the W52 are the newest or not , if no , please upgrade the firmware first , firmware download link : for base for handset

2. reset the base and handset to factory and test again

3. if the issue still exist , then do a hard reset to the base , the steps are below´╝Ü
1)connect the network cable to the base
2) long press the paging key on the base and not stop until step3 is finished
3) connect the power to base , waiting for the three lights on the base light up one by one , during the whole process, please keep pressing the paging key !
4) after the three lights all light up, release the paging key and reconnect the power supply

if all the above solution can't solve your issue, please provide us the trace file for future analysis,trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , and we need three of them provide at one time.

for how to get them , please refer to the FAQ below:

at the same time , as you mentioned that the X-lite soft phone can work without any problem ,so please kindly provide a pcap file of the X-lite soft phone, you can use a wireshark tool to capture the pcap file , for how to download and use the tool , please refer to the link below :

the link is available in 2 days, please download the tool ASAP

after you get all the trace files ,then please send to the below 24 hours work email address, then we will follow up :

let me know if any question


I've had the same problem. The proper workaround is to disable all codecs then allow only one for the Yealink phone. You can do this in Asterisk or in the Yealink auto-provisioning files.
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