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Full Version: T21P E2 Local Port
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Hi There

We supply Yealink phones to customers, but the new Yealink T21P E2 model has a flaw. One cannot change the local SIP port on the device. This option is usually under the advanced account settings on the other models, but I cannot find it on the T21P E2.

Please advise how I can change the local SIP port. I have exported and imported the configuration with the following line, but to no avail. We need this functionality.

account.1.sip_listen_port= 44920

Kind Regards

thanks for your information

you can find the local SIP port option under the web page path :

Settings -> SIP -> Local SIP Port


please note that you need to upgrade the T21E2 to the newest firmware we release

firmware number :

firmware link :


Hi Michael

Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for! Do you perhaps know what the provisioning syntax is for this?

Example: "account.1.sip_listen_port = 44920" does not work.

Kind Regards

Nevermind, i found it to be "sip_listen_port = 44920" as indicated by exporting the local configuration Smile. It's no longer account related it seems.

I think its
sip.listen_port = 5893

replace the _ with a .
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