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Full Version: SIP message does not end with CRLFCRLF
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We have Freeswitch 1.4.21 x64 and a couple of Yealink T19P,T26P and single T42,T46.
Recently all phones began to drop registrations through TLS.
Most common message in logs is:
Oct 19 15:28:16 SIP [290]: STR <3+error > [000] SIP message does not end with CRLFCRLF
and then following

Oct 19 16:41:21 SIP [290]: STR <3+error > [000] Could not parse start line of message.
Oct 19 16:41:21 SIP [290]: SDL <3+error > [000] could not parse message

TLS registartion was working just fine for several months.
There were no configuration changes on FreeSWITCH side.
Currently TLS registartion is not working, but UDP works good.
I found similar issue here

Theres a T19P log attached.
I'm not sure how its working, but the reason of this problems is sip-capture and sip-trace parameters in FreeSwitch sip profile.
By default they are set to "no". I have set them to "yes" and restarted profile assuming this will produce siptrace output to logfile. Unfortunately this change leads to SIP message fragmentation in TLS. To be sure I set both parameters to "yes" again and restarted profile: TLS registration fails immediatly.
So it not Yealink phones bug.
Thanks for your share.
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