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Full Version: LDAP and T26
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I've just success configure my T38 with Grandstream UCM6102 pbx and LDAP.
So I've used this string configuration:
name filter: (CallerIDName=%)
number filter: (AccountNumber=%)
pbx IP
baseBig Grinc=pbx,dc=com
attribute name: CallerIDName Email Department FirstName LastName
attribute number:AccountNumber MobileNumber HomeNumber Fax
show ldap: %AccountNumber %CallerIDName

This works wel on t38, but on t26 my ldap directory show always "empty"

for this issue , please upgrade T26 to the newest firmware and test again , make sure the LDAP configuration is correct

T26 firmware download link :
On t38 show ldap contact, on t26 I must search contact to show.
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