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Full Version: No longer incoming calls
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Hi, yesterday I finally got everything working and today I can no longer receive incoming calls. No changes in the settings. The caller gets a message that the number does not exist. Outbound calls are all right.

There is nothing wrong with the number, because when I start the Bria app on my mobile phone, the calls do come in.
Who can help me?
not much to go on here.
what pbx?
what provider?
(10-14-2015 01:01 AM)craigreilly Wrote: [ -> ]not much to go on here.
what pbx?
what provider?

Server host port 5060

Local SIP port 9040
I have attached two screenshots.

If you don’t use a PBX then:
- Please read “VoIP: Hoe stel ik een account in?” at “Meest gestelde vragen” on the CC forum.
- Make sure SIP ALG is disabled in the router
- Reduce “Server Expires” timer to 300

Optional: Enable “NAT Traversal” and fill in a STUN server in the “STUN Server” field.
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