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Full Version: T46 auto provision dtmf type
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I have a problem auto provisioning dtmf type options, after they've been altered through the phones web interface.

i'm setting them like so in the configuration:

account.1.dtmf.type = 2
account.1.dtmf.type = 1
account.1.dtmf.dtmf_payload = 101

i've altered some line key options to confirm that the phone does recieve the new configurations and adds the line keys. Why does it not alter the dtmf options ?

it's a T46 using firmware

You want to set the type to 1 or 2? There are two same provision parameter in the configuration file.

account.1.dtmf.type = 2
account.1.dtmf.type = 1

oops, copy paste error, i'm only setting it to 1.

the real configuration file only has this line:

account.1.dtmf.type = 1

after some more testing i've concluded that i can change the option, as long as i haven't manually changed it through the web interface. When i change it manually, it is no longer overwritten by changes in config file.

Can anyone confirm that options are locked after manually changing them ?

If i reset the phone to factory default, the dtmf option is changed, and i can change it repeatedly through changes in config file, as long as i dont change it through web interface.

Is that a bug or a feature ?

What i'm really looking for is confirmation that this assumption is right or I still haven't found the root issue.
The personalized setting protection may be enabled in your phone.

Please go to phone web interface-> Setting-> Upgrade, do you see "Reset Local Configuration? If yes, the fucntion is enabled. You can reset local configuration or disable the feature through autoprovision:

auto_provision.custom.protect = 0

Then the parameter in provision file will always take effect.

That sounds plausible.

i have a "reset to factory setting" button in upgrade, but not a "Reset Local Configuration", does that mean the custom protect is disabled ?

is it possible to enable/disable this option through the web interface ?

image of my upgrade window

Looking at the MAC.cfg and Common.cfg templates for T46G i can't find auto_provision.custom.protect, is this feature only available on specific firmware versions ?

EDIT found it in the template for firmware X.73.0.40, assuming i can't disable this unless my phone runs this firmware or newer ?
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