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Full Version: Directory Settings XML - Not Super Search
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I have seen a couple of threads about configuring super search, but I can't find a way to auto-provision the directory settings - listed above the search settings in the Web interface of the phones (see attached image). Through some experimenting, I know that this is set by the directory_setting.url variable, but I cannot find documentation for the format of this xml file. It appears that this file uses a similar format to the super_search.xml file but the id_name must be different. Does anyone have an example of how this file is formatted?
Hi stoogefan,

1. Download the which contains "common.cfg" and "favorite_setting.xml" in XML Template Files floder.
2. Edit the favorite_setting.xml,
<item id_name="localdirectory" display_name="Local Directory" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="history" display_name="History" priority="2" enable="0" />
<item id_name="networkcalllog" display_name="Network CallLog" priority="3" enable="0" />
<item id_name="remotedirectory" display_name="Remote Phone Book" priority="4" enable="0" />
<item id_name="ldap" display_name="LDAP" priority="5" enable="0" />
<item id_name="broadsoftdirectory" display_name="Broadsoft Directory" priority="6" enable="0" />

3. Fill the url of favorite_setting.xml in the "directory_setting.url = " in common.cfg
For example:
super_search.url =

4. Rename common.cfg as y0000000000xx.cfg
5. Upload y0000000000xx.cfg and favorite_setting.xml to the specific server
6. Then auto-provisioning
Thank You! This worked.

Do you have any information for the WebItemsLevel.cfg file?
It appears that this is how I could change what options are available in the Web interface to the "User" login. If so, this would be very nice indeed! There appears to be a number of different values for each item. I would guess that a value of "0" would let that item be editable by all users, the value of "1" to be editable by "var" and "admin", and a value of "2" is for "admin" only. There are a few options with the value of "01". I'm not sure if those are the same as "1" or not.
Hi stoogefan,

Yes. WebItemsLevel.cfg configures the access URL of the file, which defines 3-level access permissions for web user interface.
It takes effect after reboot.
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