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Full Version: Yealink XML Autentication with Mitel MX-ONE Telephony Server
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Hello Guys

Actually we work in a project with Mitel Aastra MX-One Telephony Server and we need Install Over 1500 yealink Telephones, Really we don't have experience implementing Yealink Solutions.

In Mitel Mx-one telephony Server exist a XML Script (Loging Script) to autenticate Telephones in Call Manager

Its possible that in Yealink exist a XML Script (Loging Script) to autenticate Telephones in Mitel MX-ONE Telephony server?

i will appreciate your replys about this Post.

BR/ Mauricio Pascuas

Yealink XML Browser support InputScreen project. Not sure whether it can work for you.
Please check our XML Browser user:


You might be interested in checking out a CTI Solution for your integration needs. Tenfold is a CTI company that can integrate Yealink, Mitel and over 150 phone and CRM applications. They offer features such as click to dial, automatic call logging, easy note taking and task creation, screen pops on inbound and outbound calls, new lead/contact creation when no matching records, support for cases/opportunities and advanced analytics for your business needs.
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