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Full Version: How to disable the warning "out coverage" tone
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Dear Support,
is it possible to disable the warning "out coverage" tone?
I don't find that, in the web configuration.
is it possible to disable it, by file.config method?

Hi Walter,

Do you mean a verification tone with repeater?

To find the best possible location for the repeater, you may need to try various locations.
Place a call and walk around with the handset to determine the base station’s coverage
area. The verification tone allows you to easily check the extent of the repeater’s
coverage area. The tone is audible on the handset during a call.
To activate the verification tone on the repeater:
1. Switch off the repeater ( disconnect the power adapter).
2. Switch it on for 1 to 5 seconds and switch it off again.
3. Switch it on again. The LED indicator on the repeater flashes slowly.
4. Switch it off again.
5. Switch it on again.
The verification tone is then activated.

Place a call using the handset to check whether the handset is working in the extended
area of the repeater. If the call is successfully handled by the repeater, you can hear the
verification tone from the handset every few seconds.
To deactivate the verification tone, repeat the above steps.

You can also refer to more details in below link.


Dear support,
apologize for misunderstanding.
I mean for the warning out coverage tone on the standard W52P without repeater. When the handset is far from the base unit and the radio signal strength is low, the handset sends out a "beep" tone. I want to switch OFF this kind of tone. Is it possible??
Hi Walter,

We have deleted this feature in the latest version and you can upgrade your base to it. ( Base Firmware )


unfortunatelly at the moment we are using your special FW cause opened ticket #3797.
How can I obtain the "out coverage" tone OFF with version??

Best Regards
Hi Walter,

Sorry for the misunderstanding.You need to upgrade your handset firmware to 50.
please refer to the upgrade guide of handset.

You can refer to more details in below link.


Dear Support.
I can confirm. With handset FW version 50, the warning tone "out of coverage" is OFF.
Thank you and best regards
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