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Full Version: Provision second W52H to existing base and 3cx
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I have a working W52P base and handset setup provisioned with a v12 3cx pbx. I can see the base / handset in the phones listing along with the MAC address of the base. Now, I pair a second handset to the base and can see the new handset in the yealink GUI. I have also created an extension in 3cx for this new handset, but I cannot select the actual phone because it will require a MAC address which does not exist for the handset itself. I have found if I setup a second account using the yealink GUI, I will then see the new extension as registered in 3cx, but not provisioned. Is this the expected status for a second handset or am I not setting it up wrong? I can only find documentation on the first handset / base combination.

Hi Tim,

Do you assign your account to the new handset?
And you can also change the handset name in the web or handset.
(handset: settings->Handset Name)
Yes. I did both of those steps, so it would appear I set the additional handset as intended.
Hi Vondie,

Yes. We just set one mac address with one account for 3cx template. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hi Vondie,

You can use auto-provisioning method to push accounts to handsets.
It appears 3CX does not support allocating multiple extensions to one provisioning template.

I can't even see a way to tweak the provisioning template manually to allow for this.

3CX will need to fundamentally change how they handle phones to allow for multiple extensions to provision on the one template.

From what I can see for now we will have to enter the extension details in manually in the W52P Sad

(There isn't really anything Yealink can do about this either, as you can't have multiple MAC addresses on one network interface, the MAC address is the hardware address for Layer 2 communications. Yealink have provided the ability to auto provision, it's now up to 3CX to change how they handle provisioning to allow more than one Account/Extension per phone).
Well explained. I ended up setting the handsets up manually. Just made sure I took good notes so if/when I need to replace a handset, I can remember what I did!

Accepting some restrictions, you can provision the W52P for multi-account in 3CX, using BLF configuration in the primary extension with the attached modified template.

Restrictions explained in template description :
  • BLF 1 is not used. (personal choice. it corresponds logically to the main account)
  • SIP ID X (= BLF X), and ID X (= auth ID) must be equal to Extension X
    (because %%blfX%% is the only existing ID parameter in 3CX template, regarding BLF.)
  • Password for secondary extension X must be account1_password followed by "X"
    (BLF password parameter not exist in 3CX template)

Other modification :
Activate Deskphone Password in 3CX Extension form
Fixed Handset Configuration, but can be changed (BLFX = Handset X)
set account.x.expires = 120 (sec.)

Feel free to adapt to your needs.

DJ_HiP, I don't understand your fix. I think I am having the very same problem as vondie. Which details do I need to enter where?
Actually, I'm not trying to allow more than one account/extension per phone. I have the DECT base set up for the W52P that came with it, and I am trying to set up a second phone (W52H) to talk to the same DECT base and have a different extension. The first one registers just fine. The second one gets Registration Failed. So, maybe I should say I think I am having the same problem as vondie.
Well, it turns out the answer is pretty simple. At least implementing the solution is. Not so easy when you don't know the solution.

Best practices would have you set up the first W52P, and then set up any remaining W52Hs you wish to connect to this first device. That includes registering the W52Hs. The next thing that needs to be done is to get your W52P provisoned/registered with your 3CX PBX. I have to admit that the plug and play implementation 3CX has with its approved telephone hardware units works pretty well. The next step is to set up all of your extensions in the 3CX that will be used by the various W52H units you have yet to get provisioned for the 3CX.

Now, here comes the non-documented part. Connect to the W52P web interface. You can do this either in the 3CX management portal, or you can simply use the IP address of the W52P in an Internet browser. Go to the Account tab. You will see the W52P you provisioned/registered above, and it will be identified as Account1. You will see that the Register Status is Registered. Make a note of all of the fields that are completed. Now, click on the pull-down arrow for Account1, and select Account2. You will see that the Register Status is is Disabled. Change the Line Active from Disabled to Enabled. Enter the Label, Display Name, and password you used in setting up the extension for this W52H in the 3CX. Leave all of the other fields the way they are with 2 exceptions: STUN Server and SIP Server 1 Server Host. Copy the STUN Server from Account1. Enter the IP address of your 3CX in the Server Host field. Click on Confirm, and watch the top of the screen where Register Status will go from Disabled to Registering to Registered.

That's it - you're done. I would test the extension to make sure it behaves the way you expect it to. Now, if you have any more W52Hs to connect, do the same thing. Don't forget that you can only subscribe a total of 5 handsets/accounts to the W52P.
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