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【Read First】: Welcome to the Yealink Forum - Yealink Support

Hello and welcome to the Yealink Forum

As the title suggests, Yealink Forum is open to all: customers, resellers, distributors, and other industry activists from all over the world.
The Yealink Forum is NOT an official support channel, and answers or suggestions provided by other members may not always resolve your issue. If you need official support for your Yealink product or service, please contact Yealink directly through the official support channels, mail to, USA support or contact your distributor for assistance.

Please ensure before posting any new Questions in the Forum that you:
• Use the Yealink forum Advanced Search, and review the appropriate board Sticky to be sure there isn’t already a similar posted topic.
• Use the Admin Guide matching your current Software Version 
• Visit Yealink FAQ to get answers of common questions.
• Ensure that FAQs in forum has been consulted.
• Use the Compare Products on the Yealink Web Site.
• Provide the Firmware of your Phone
• Provide the Phone Model
• Provide the SIP Platform
Forum Rules:

1. Spamming and excessive advertising will not be tolerated. Commercial advertising is not allowed in any form, including using in signatures.
2. There will be no excessive use of profanity in any forum.
3. There will be no racial, ethnic, or gender based insults, or any other personal attacks.
4. Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at other threads and see where your post will go. If your post is placed in the wrong forum it will be moved by a moderator or administer. Please choose the correct section for your problem.
5. Multiple copies of the same post will not be tolerated. Post your question, comment, or complaint only once. There is no need to express yourself more than once. Duplicate posts will be deleted with little or no warning.  If you do not see your post, do not post again, it will be dealt with by a moderator within a reasonable time. Authors of multiple copies of same post may be dealt with by moderators within their discrete judgment at the time which may result in warning or infraction points, depending on severity as adjudged by the moderators online.
6. Do not divulge anyone's personal information in the forum, not even your own. This includes e-mail addresses, IP addresses, age, house address, and any other distinguishing information. Reiterating, do not post your email address in posts. This is for your own protection.
7. Signatures may be used as long as they are not offensive or sexually explicit or used for commercial advertising.
8. Failure to show that you have read the forum rules may result in forum rules breach infraction points or warnings awarded against you which may later total up to an automatic temporary or permanent ban. Supplying system details is a prerequisite in most cases, particularly with connection or installation issues.

There are senior members on the forums who serve as Moderators. These volunteers keep the board organized and moving, and are authorized to: (in order of increasing severity)

1. Move posts to the correct forums. Many times, members post in the wrong forum. These off-topic posts may impede the normal operation of the forum.
2. Edit posts. Moderators will edit posts that are offensive or break any of the Forum Rules.
3. Delete posts. Posts that cannot be edited to comply with the Forum Rules will be deleted.
4. Warning members. This is one of the last punishments before a member is banned.
5. Ban members. The most severe punishment. Banning is reserved for very severe offenses and members who, after many warnings, fail to comply with the Forum Rules. Banning is permanent. Bans cannot be removed by the moderators and probably won't be removed by the administration.
Tips for Posting or Contributing to Technical Discussions

Posting technical discussions or questions on the forum can be a great way to receive community assistance. Here are some tips to help ensure you get the best possible response to your post.

1. Help others help you by  including as much detail as possible about the issue, the devices involved (model, firmware,hardware etc), how the devices are inter-connected, configuration, etc. More and clearer details enables others or Yealink support to assist you better and faster.

2. Always use context-sensitive forum post titles. Post a clear, relevant, appropriate title and problem description or question, try not to leave anything for interpretation or assumption.

3. Add a summary at the bottom of your post if it is very long.

4. Don't repost and/or re-post the same question/issue in multiple boards. Duplicate posts cause confusion and will only fragment the Yealink support you receive. Per the Forum rules, duplicate posts will also be deleted.

5. Help keep forum discussions from growing unnecessarily long by limiting quotes to the relevant portion of text. Reply to contribute and help the discussion progress.

6. Don't threadjack. If you have a similar discussion or issue that does not fit into the current discussion, it may be best to create a new discussion.

7. If you solve your own issue/question, please follow-up and explain so the entire forum may benefit.

8. When posting configuration or code snippets/files, be sure to remove any sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, server addresses, Certificate keys, etc.

9. Always make backups of your configuration or data before implementing or testing suggestions from the Forum.

Any reported violations of the Forum Rules will be address on a case-by-case basis by Moderator or a Forum Administrator, and may result in a permanent ban from the Forum.
Thank You for taking the time to read these forum guidelines. We hope your visit is helpful and mutually beneficial to the entire forum.
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